Given all the hype over 402 Creamery's new Runza Chili & Cinnamon Rolls ice cream, I can't wait to see @JackMitchellLNK lose his mind when Amigo's teams up with Ivanna Cone to release 70th & A Street Ranch Gelatto.

I finished S4 of Lego Masters Australia tonight. I really enjoy that show. It's better than the American version in so many ways (though I do enjoy the U.S. version as well). Wonderful stuff.

Me: [singing louder than I intended to while looking through the pantry]

M, our student from Brazil: [appears out of nowhere]

Me: [stops singing]

Both: [awkward pause]

M: You have a song about ... canning peaches?

Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The 90's were a strange time.

There should be separate entrances and waiting rooms at urgent care clinics / emergency rooms for contagious (i.e. influenza, covid) and non-contagious (i.e. broken bone, ear infection) visits.

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YES! I have been saying this to anyone who will listen for a long time. Honey bees are non-native livestock, and can be replenished. They are the cattle of the insect world. We need to take better care of our NATIVE bee population, who are universally dwindling.

'Honey bees are not in peril. These bees are.'

Help me out, fediverse. How many of you feel extreme vicarious discomfort when watching particularly embarrassing or cringey scenes in movies or shows? Yesterday I had to turn off Cobra Kai because a situation made me so uncomfortable that it was negatively affecting my running on the treadmill.

Is that common? Which situations affect you the most?

When it comes to snowfall totals in , nobody ever went broke betting the under.

Arterial and major residential streets seem fine so far, but lower traffic streets are just starting to get slick. Keep an eye on the temperature; we aren't far from skating rink territory in .

I've been reading through several of the bills currently before the Unicameral and golly, many of these bills have ambiguities and loopholes big enough to drive a tank through. If I were an ornery lawyer I'd be giddy at the prospect of years of litigation.

I had a fun dream last night in which I went to a restaurant that was basically a pirate-themed Casa Bonita.

A neighbor and I just spent the past 30 minutes building up trust with a lost dog. We could tell it was friendly, but it was very scared. The instant I leashed it, it switched from standoffish to "Oh neat, a new best friend!"

Oscar is safe at his home now.

I don't remember that one. The timing wasn't good, but I suppose if that neighborhood had no other nearby video options, they might've been able to squeak out a few years.

Them: How many kids do you have?

Me: It's complicated...

Them: ?

Me: 3 live with us now, and at least a dozen others have lived with us. There are 6 photos on our mantle at the moment. We have ten stockings with names on them (not counting the dogs' stockings). A mom is making plans for us to take in her kid if she dies of cancer. There've been 4 exchange students, a couple long-term guests, the one who stole our car and is now doing great in rehab ...

Them: ?!

Me: Three. I have three kids.

Our neighbors have a house guest who, as far as I can tell, is a sociopath. He deliberately parks his vehicle in the driveway so that it blocks the sidewalk! Who does that‽ He could park anywhere else in the otherwise empty driveway. He could park in the street. Nope: sidewalk.

Let's say the average is 100. 1x of 100 is 100, so "1x less" is 100 - 100 = 0. 3x of 100 is 300, so "3x less" is 100 - 300 = -200. Right? But how do I use a feature -200 times?

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A service I'm subscribed to showed me a graphic that says I use a particular feature "3x less than average". What does that mean? Let's make it simpler: what would "1x less" be? Wouldn't "1x less" be zero, thus "3x less is" ... also zero? Or maybe even -2x? Math me, people.

I don't know how many coaches are on here, but...

Calling all soccer coaches!

Join me January 28 from 10:30am-12:30pm at Creighton University for "Why Referees Are Terrible At Refereeing". All soccer coaches from all levels (including high school/NFHS/NSAA and NAIA/NCAA/NJCAA!) are welcome.


Spread the word!

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Apparently the Twitter addon I'm working on went rogue and blew up an entire month's quota worth of API requests (2 million!) yesterday. I guess there's a bug. Too bad I can't do anything about it until the quota resets ... in 2 weeks.


I guess that means I get to work on the Mastodon version instead. Silver linings?

When you think of an avocado, do you think of it as a fruit or a vegetable?

(Pedants, get out of here with your "Well botanically it's a pbbbb, while culinarily it's often used as a phththt..." nonsense. I want to know how YOU think about it.)

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