Help me out, fediverse. How many of you feel extreme vicarious discomfort when watching particularly embarrassing or cringey scenes in movies or shows? Yesterday I had to turn off Cobra Kai because a situation made me so uncomfortable that it was negatively affecting my running on the treadmill.

Is that common? Which situations affect you the most?

@mrwilson I very much enjoyed the original The Office when it came out but it had so many moments like that that i’ve not watched it since.

I still cringe at Ricky Gervais of course but now it’s for different reasons

@jw I have a difficult time watching The Office. I don't think I've ever watched a full episode, just clips. I appreciate the show's style and I like the humor. However I can't enjoy much of it.

@mrwilson I feel it often, usually when a character is doing something way outside of social bounds. Sometimes it will make me stop watching the show, but others ("crazy ex girlfriend" being a prime example) I just watch/rewatch from behind a pillow 😂

@mrwilson sometimes I will jump up and pace a bit when the awkwardness gets really bad

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