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Lincoln, Nebraska vs Columbia, South Carolina -- the final match in the 2022 North American City flags tournament!!


✔️ I want boring things like public transit that comes so regularly I don't need to check a schedule.

✔️ I want fast passenger rail so accessible and easy it's preferable to suffering airports.

✔️ I want cities that aren't built around cars-as-default

✔️ I want the country to own it.

Also, since this broke in local news, I'll share it here too. The CO State Archives experienced an entirely preventable and horrific disaster in their woefully outdated building on 12/23-24 when pipes burst. This gives a sense of how bad things were. Records on every floor, including records that predate the state. Video from 12/24.

History Nebraska is advertising a Historic Site Manager position at Fort Robinson:

I love so much about the idea of that job. I'm confident The Missus will go with me to Fort Robinson. The dogs are in 100%. Keishor will become a park trailhand or handyman. Robbie will be fine as long as there's high-speed internet.

OK, History Nebraska, sign us up!

I would love to pet Popsicle. He is 1 year old and in need of a home through the Nebraska Humane Society. He loves people and would love to be included in everything you do. Popsicle is as sweet as his name. He likes dogs that match his play-style, but he doesn’t like cats.

I'm not accidentally replying from the wrong account, I'm "helping to federate the instances"

Trapped under a cat forever. What are y'all up to today?

Put birds and trees in my bio and figured I’d better pay up! Happy holidays,

Had to scrape ice off the car but the roads seem ok so far. Would def go slow and be careful of slick spots.

Happy Christmas! 🎄 Pretty excited by our high temps today

Well meaning people keep giving me candy but like, my teeth are literally disintegrating

Until a friend pointed it out, I never realized the turbines by i80 are little baby turbines that don't actually produce much electricity. Like I knew it couldn't be much since it's only 2 of them but they're pretty ridiculously small now that I think back and compare to others I've seen #LNK

This bit of sycophancy disguised as journalism is pretty gross. It is a campaign ad, not a career retrospective. Among other things, how can you talk about the Ricketts years without a single mention of his child welfare debacle?

Ack the image description is supposed to say "MW climbing" not "me climbing" 😅

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View from the top of the wall at MW climbing. It was WARM up there!

Currently trying to psych myself up to go climbing. Mostly I just don't want to go out in the cold

Mastodon meta 

My hunch here is that very few people see even aware of this Mastodon feature

So, a poll: prior to reading this thread, did you know that Mastodon by default will only show you public replies to a post if those replies have already been fetched into your server somehow?

(This only affects you when you view a post that originated on a server other than your home server - if the original post author is on the same server as you then you'll see all of the replies)

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