Late January is always a cold time of year. So, right on schedule.


Wind Chill Advisory Saturday night into Sunday morning.


Upgrades to the winter potential in northern Nebraska tonight into Saturday. Winter Storm Warnings now in place for north central and NE Nebraska. Winter Wx Advisories for the rest.

Here's what it looks like for snow potential Friday evening into Saturday!

🥶❄ Chilly flurries Wednesday.
🌨️ Flurries Thursday.
♨️ Warmer Friday.

When I think "January in Nebraska", this is what comes to mind. ⬇️

The trees in Lincoln are beautiful after the 1-2" or so of snow last night!

Forgive me if I'm a bit pessimistic, but we'll see if we get any snow out of this one.

As expected, roads are becoming treacherous in the western half of the state. Eastern half will follow this Wednesday afternoon.

Here's what the radar may look like Wednesday into Thursday morning.

❄❄❄ Winter Storm Warnings (pink) and Winter Weather Advisories (purple) are in place for ALL of Nebraska. ❄❄❄

Quite a bit of snow likely for much of the state. A freezing mix will be possible in SE Nebraska.

Top notch weekend headed our way. It's still January, right?

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